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Instructions: Please read each statement below and rate from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree based on your current feelings and circumstances.


Self-awareness in Transition: Navigating this transitional phase in my life requires deep introspection and understanding of my evolving self.

Agency in Change: Despite the upheaval of divorce, I view myself as capable of driving positive change in my life.

Collaborative Growth: I value having a partner in thought to guide me in enhancing my self-awareness and overcoming challenges.

Redefining Values: I am ready to redefine my core values and beliefs, particularly as they relate to my identity post-divorce.

Emotional State: I feel I can differentiate between needing strategic guidance and requiring therapeutic support for deep emotional distress.

Purpose of Coaching: I understand that divorce coaching offers actionable strategies for the future rather than dwelling on the emotional scars of the past.

Drive for Growth: I possess the motivation and drive to redefine and achieve my goals in this new chapter of my life.

Ownership of Progress: I am committed to being responsible for my progress and achieving milestones within a specified timeline.

Consistent Action: I trust that consistent, incremental actions can lead to profound transformation in the aftermath of divorce.

Prioritizing Commitments: When I decide on a course of action, I prioritize it and fully dedicate myself to its realization.

Adaptive Thinking: I am open to embracing new perspectives, especially when they offer a fresh viewpoint on my post-divorce life.

Embracing Growth: I believe that personal growth is possible at any age, and challenges can lead to newfound strengths.

Control and Adaptability: I believe that I can adapt and thrive, regardless of external events, and that I play a pivotal role in steering my life’s journey.

Value of Feedback: I appreciate constructive feedback, viewing it as an essential resource for my personal and post-divorce growth.

Future-Oriented: Post-divorce, my focus is on establishing and striving for future aspirations rather than being bound by past experiences.

Divorce Coaching Fit Assessment for Women in Midlife
Exploratory Phase

women in video business meeting

You seem to be in an exploratory phase, trying to understand your needs and feelings. You may benefit from some preliminary sessions or reading materials about divorce coaching to help determine if it’s the right approach for you.
Emerging Awareness

women in video business meeting

You’re starting to recognize the importance of self-awareness, autonomy, and growth. With some guidance, you can dive deeper into the transformative journey of divorce coaching.
Ready for Growth

women in video business meeting

You have a solid foundation and show readiness to embark on the coaching journey. With dedication and commitment, you can maximize the benefits of divorce coaching.
Ideal Fit

Woman sitting next to man on couch in meeting

You seem to be an ideal fit for divorce coaching! Your mindset and self-awareness can help you immensely in navigating this transitional phase, making the most of the support and strategies that coaching can provide.

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