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You are not alone. We have a coaching group for you.

If your goal is to accomplish the following:

You are not alone. We have a coaching group for you.

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Whether you are considering divorce, in the middle of one, or just on the other side, Lisa’s group coaching is for you. Lisa has been when you are and helped countless others through the divorce process.

Unlike 1:1 coaching, group coaching allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of the group to see unique solutions for what you are experiencing.

WO40 is forming coaching groups for those in mid-life undergoing a transition including divorce and/or divorce recovery. Divorcees can learn from others. The group will be limited to 5-6 individuals meeting bi-monthly for six months with an opportunity to stay on and join the new incoming cohort. The focus would be on a combination of fixed content such as “boundaries”, “finding your voice” or “negotiation skills” as well as an individual’s current needs and concerns. In each meeting one or two would present what is on her/his heart/mind. Group members would take turns. Reflect on actions and successes and failures. An exploration would ensue.

WO40 will also allow group members to share divorce stories where all participants collaborate to co-create meaning and consider the value of their actions through narratives/stories about events and challenges. Forming more uplifting stories about events and situations, new connections between values and readiness to act. This can help divorcees (and hopefully their families) return to better social functioning at home and work, general well-being and mood, and relationships with others.

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The Group Coaching Experience:

Every coaching session will be tailored to that groups needs, but some topics that may be covered are:

Initial Assessment:
Setting Goals:
Coping Strategies:
Legal & Financial Considerations:
Communication Strategies:
Parenting Planning:
Support Network:
Post-Divorce Transition:

Session Details

Coaching Sessions Will Be Held Via Zoom
Sessions are Approximately 60 Minutes Long
We value confidentiality and a safe place for open communication!

Disclaimer: Divorce coaching is not legal advice. It is recommended to consult with a qualified attorney for legal matters.

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