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I have experienced far too much conflict handled the wrong way. My perspective is that the legal system is costly and adversarial. It is not the best or only forum for resolving family disputes. For children in a moderate to high conflict divorce, loyalty conflicts abound. It’s not ideal for anyone in the family unit. When I endured my own divorce with my ex spouse, I felt alone and the adversarial model inflamed the family conflict.

Professionally, I’ve spent nearly 30 years in the “battlefields” of the divorce court. On a daily basis I guide my divorce coach clients through court, mediation and negotiation. The divorces are complex legally, financially, and emotionally. 

Lisa Zonder Divorce Coach

Divorce Coach Lisa Zonder

I am a family law attorney, mediator and collaborative divorce professional. I also had experience with my own divorce. My training and experience in the field of divorce spans 30 years.
I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®  After my own personal divorce, I realized the need for a more comprehensive and compassionate approach to divorce services. I launched Women Over 40 Coaching, a separate entity from the law firm, to provide personalized coaching and legal consulting services to clients in high-net-worth, legally, financially, and emotionally complex cases.
Don’t face the challenges of divorce alone. You can do this. Don’t go it alone. Reach out to our team at Women Over 40 Coaching and take the first step toward a brighter future.


Why Am I Passionate About Being A Divorce Coach?

It’s occurred to me more recently as the world is going through a sea change post the COVID-19 pandemic, that most clients want more than legal advice. Coaching is the missing piece bridging the gap between solving a client’s legal issues and addressing the client as a whole person. Dealing with transitions isn’t something clients should endure alone. I know because I went through my divorce and felt alone. The attorneys were doing their jobs, but were not holistically attuned or present enough to look and see a whole person.

I believe that doing good in the world isn’t only about me.

Guiding, motivating, and empowering clients to embrace their fullest potential inspires me.

Who I Help with Divorce Coaching

I work with clients who want to show up as their best selves, be accountable, and serve as a role model to their children and family members.

I help women navigate high-net worth divorces. I ensure the financial and legal team comprise of the right advocates with the right strategies to guide my clients so they land on their feet in control of their mind and money.

Through the powerful blend of 30 years of legal acumen, coaching skills, and intuitive insights, I propel women to shift their focus towards a brighter future by transforming heartbreak into breakthroughs using my 90-day coaching offering, “Transformational Divorce: Empowering, Healing and Securing Futures.” The more I serve others, the greater the blessings. I find coaching magical.

Divorce Coaching Strengths

I creatively solve problems and collaborate with devoted divorce professionals to help clients transform their own lives. My commitment the past 30 years has been to having the tools, education, and resources to serve my clients. My intention is to continue collaborative divorce coaching training and transform into a world class coach.

Pairing innate traits, experience, and abilities to my coaching and legal work creates unique benefits for my divorce coaching clients. It’s important to work with people who are committed to improvement. I hold space and listen deeply and with honor.

No matter your divorce circumstances, you deserve a coach to help guide you through the process and into the next chapter of your life.

How Does My Process Work?

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Career Specialty Services Provider, CSS

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