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“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” – Carl Jung

We have all heard the old cliche’ “life is a journey not a destination,” attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is particularly true in mid-life. During our lifetimes we will encounter a sign in the road called “transition” or “change”. What we leave behind from the former destination may result in loss. Perhaps we really liked how things were– how it used to be. Suddenly, and not by our design, we may arrive at a time of transition.

What are some of the common crossroads we encounter at mid-life?

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Whether it’s a positive or what feels initially like a negative change, the crossroads can all feel disorienting. How do we respond to these challenges with resilience? How do we get unstuck?

When the sign ahead says “transition” we may react with fear, anxiety and depression.

Who are we?

What is the purpose for our existence?

What resources do we have to cope through these transitions?

Transitional life coaching is one useful way to get unstuck.

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A certified life coach and divorce transition and recovery coach can help you move from what William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions and Making the Most of Change, describes as the “neutral zone,” after the end and before the new beginning, to your next chapter. Feeling stuck in the neutral zone is normal. A life coach can serve as a thinking partner to explore new possibilities. Many find themselves fragile when they are at the end and moving into the neutral zone. They often dream of going back to how things were. This is a time when we need to give ourselves grace.

During the transition through the neutral zone it can be an uncomfortable time that requires a lot of repetition. Coaching clients need to be “heard” and “understood” by a coach who can hold space. A life coach can help a client come to terms with being in the neutral zone. They are like a tree planting that is being transported to new soil and a new destination. The life coach meets the client where he/she is right now.

Does this sound familiar? Are you experiencing a life transition?

Lisa and her team at WO40 Coaching can hold up a mirror to your life and can co-create with you to help you let go of old behaviors, habits and inner critic voices. We will then collaborate with you to create new behaviors, habits and strategies to achieve the goals you set for yourself. As your coach we will hold you accountable and stick by you for the long haul as you rewrite your next chapter. Whether it is 1:1 transitional life coaching or group coaching, we have solutions for you.

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