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Divorce Coaching (Pre & During)

Many women have endured long marriages and raised children when the dreaded “D” word strikes. These women frequently envisioned retirement ten years down the road.

Life After Divorce

Experiencing a major life change can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or even downright frightening. With every change, there is also a sense of loss. Our lives are not the same.

Partnering With Law Firms

Life after divorce can feel like a new world. Perhaps your client is feeling loneliness or emptiness. She may have anxiety over what the future holds or is wondering what’s next.

Group Coaching

Unlike 1:1 coaching, group coaching allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of the group to see unique solutions for what you are experiencing.

Transitional Life Coaching

What we leave behind from the former destination may result in loss. Perhaps we really liked how things were– how it used to be. Suddenly, and not by our design, we may arrive at a time of transition.


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