Group Divorce Coaching Self-Assessment

Join a supportive community of individuals going through similar experiences.

**Welcome:** This self-assessment is your first step on a transformative journey with our divorce coaching group. Here, we believe in the power of growth, resilience, and positive change. This assessment will help you understand your readiness for transformation and how this group can support you in turning challenges into stepping stones for a brighter future.

Please rate each statement. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer – this is about your journey and where you are right now.

Remember, this self-assessment is a tool for reflection, not a diagnostic measure. It’s designed to help you and your coach tailor your journey in the group. We’re excited to support you in this transformative chapter of your life!


**Insight into Emotions:** I am gaining insights into my emotions surrounding my divorce.

**Resilience Strategies:** I am developing strategies to manage stress and navigate emotional challenges.

**Embracing Change:** I am learning to embrace the changes brought by the end of my marriage.

**Growth Mindset:** I am excited about personal growth and positive transformation post-divorce.

**New Perspectives:** I am eager to explore new perspectives and understandings about my life journey. (Living in your learning zone)

**Community Support:** I value and seek support from friends, family, and professionals.

**Engaging Resources:** I actively pursue resources to guide and empower me through my divorce.

**Engaging Resources:** I am open to others’ perspectives, even if they differ from mine, because they may help me grow through this experience.

**Engaging Resources:** I am willing to try and help others and also be helped by others.

**Hope and Optimism:** I am hopeful and optimistic about what lies ahead after my divorce.

**Future Goals:** I am starting to envision and set goals for my post-divorce life.

**New Relationships:** I am open to the possibility of forming meaningful, healthy relationships in the future.

Group Divorce Coaching Self-Assessment
You’re highly motivated and ready for transformative change!

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This coaching group will be an excellent catalyst for your journey.
You’re on the path of readiness.

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This group will support and enhance your resilience and growth.
You’re beginning your journey.

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This group or additional support can help prepare you for transformative growth.

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