California Divorce Coaching (Pre & During)

Finding strength and hope amidst life’s transition.

Are you considering divorce?

Or perhaps you’ve filed for divorce and are feeling overwhelmed by the process?

Did you just finalize your divorce and now left wondering what’s next?

No matter what stage of divorce you’re experiencing, California divorce coaching is available to you with WO40 Coaching.

Lisa Zonder Divorce Coach

Divorce is an emotionally and financially overwhelming process, but you don’t have to do it alone! WO40 Coaches know that divorce touches 4 dimensions of the divorce survivor’s life including their legal, financial, emotional/social and spiritual experiences. The survivor and his/her family including children and extended family members are often touched by the experience too. Divorce may also impact the work team and community members who are in contact with the divorce survivor.

California divorces, in particular, are routinely litigated through the courts at significant economic cost for legal and other professional fees. In Los Angeles County divorces may drag on between one and five years. Attorneys bill hourly for divorce legal services. The hourly rates of experienced divorce attorneys across the State of California typically range from $450 to upward of $1000 per hour. Costs vary widely depending on the complexity and personalities of decision makers.

Having an attorney address the legal aspects of the divorce is an important step. For more complex divorces it often “takes a village”. Divorce attorneys are not “hand holders”. They prepare forms and file motions, appear in court and make efforts to resolve cases. Most divorce law firms are ill equipped to provide services akin to coaching given their time crunches and focus on heavy caseloads including trial preparation. Moreover, the divorcee will detract from the lawyer’s focus on the case. Another factor to consider is that the vast majority of attorneys are not trained to serve as coaches.

​​Research indicates that receiving adequate support during difficult times greatly lessens the likelihood of lingering trauma, once an event has passed.

California Divorce Coaching Options:

The Divorce Coach supports the client in all phases of divorce, while honoring the roles of other divorce professionals in the following ways:

These are some points of entry for the Coach to work with divorcees:

Before or During Divorce:


Are you ready to see how California divorce coaching can help you write your next chapter?

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